Client Employee Training Program

Keep pests out of your facility all by yourself.


Use Pest Control Nigeria to train your employees on effective pest management for your facility.

Pest management plays a key role in food safety and product integrity, and ensuring this safety is a critical, facility-wide undertaking.

The success of a pest management program can be the difference between facing a third-party audit/Health Inspection and facing a shutdown. An effective program is not just your pest management provider’s job; it requires an ongoing team effort from your pest management provider, a dedicated facility personnel and all employees. Your employees are the eyes and ears of your facility, as they spend a lot more time at your facility than your pest management provider.

So Why Train your Employee?

Practical Demonstration in simulated environment
Practical Demonstration in simulated environment

Arming your employees with the right tools and pest control knowledge will set up your pest management program for success. This training will also bring improvement to your sanitation and facility maintenance practices.

Training Advantage

The Training is geared towards getting one or two members of your team to drive your pest management program and activities.

Empowering an employee with pest management knowledge reduces your financial obligation to your pest management provider, eliminates cost of damaged and contaminated items by pests, improves your overall facility hygiene, guarantees food & customer safety ultimately improving quality assurance and profitability.

 Learning Objective

The objective of this training is to equip your trained employee with the skills needed to successfully and safely prevent and control pests in the food processing environment.

At end of course they will be able to:

  • Identify pests of food establishment and their enabling conducive environments
  • Identify Sanitation and operations practices that enable pest entry and infestation
  • Take corrective physical measures to prevent pest infestation
  • Use environmentally safe baits and traps to monitor and control food and storage pests(Flies, Cockroaches, Rodents, Weevils, ants)
  • Implement and monitor your pest management program
  • Be the voice for sanitation and pest related issues
  • Understand and work better with your pest management service provider and health inspection teams providing proper documentation and records.
  • Understand requirements when Health and NAFDAC inspections teams come visiting

Duration: 3 days

Fee: Early Birds: =N=50,000     Late registration: =N=65,000

Next Class Date: May 10th – May 12th 2018
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