Mosquito Control

How to Prevent Mosquito Infestation

Mosquitoes are blood sucking insects and vectors carrying malaria parasites.

The female mosquitoes have a proboscis containing within sheath-like labium needle like organs with which they puncture the skin of man and animals to suck the blood. Mosquitoes can be a real nuisance, leaving itching bite marks and keeping us awake at night.

There are about 3,000 species of mosquitoes worldwide. In Nigeria, the common mosquitoes are the Anopheles mosquitoes belonging to the Genus Aedes which contains some of the worst pests. Many members of the genus Anopheles have the ability to transmit human malaria.

 What can I do to prevent Mosquitoes Infestation?

As the rains begins its important to manage water flow. Since mosquitoes eggs do not hatch unless they are in water, we can manage standing water by the following activities; Remove old tires, buckets, cans, jars, broken toys, and other water-catching devices. Clean out ant receptacle holding stagnant water; and place tight covers over drums cisterns, cesspools, septic tanks, barrels, and tubs where water is stored. Never over- apply water to lawn and garden, drain out tree holes; and drain or fill with sand any stagnant water pools, puddles, ditches, or swampy areas. Clear organic matter from your gutter and enable free flow.

 Inspect water in plant containers, and water-holding stumps; keep grass mowed around bodies of water and ponds.

We will be happy to walk through your compound to help with your water management to prevent mosquitoes infestation. Click to speak with our experts today.


Larvicide Application: We apply larvicides: Here we apply environmental friendly solution to eliminate the early life stage of mosquito:

Egg: hatches when exposed to water: female mosquitoes can’t land to lay eggs when larvicide is attached

Larva (plural. – larvae): lives in water; molts several times; most species surface to breathe air. The larvicide acts as a physical barrier preventing larvae from breathing.

Pupa (plural – pupae): does not feed; stage just prior to emerging as adult: Kills pupa through physical barrier preventing from breathing and hatching.

Adulticides: Spraying of repellents, insecticides indoors and outdoors that kills resting and adult mosquitoes using a range of application methods from surface spray to aerial spray designed to eliminate all mosquitoes and protect area for longer periods. 

Mist Solution: This is designed and installed to protect your outdoor space e.g gardens, patios, balconies and outdoor resting areas from flying adult mosquitoes and other flying and biting insects. This can be automated to dispense mosquito repellents solutions at a predetermined time.