10 Steps For A Pest Free Commercial Kitchen

Today’s restaurant and hospitality managers know that even the finest restaurant can be blacklisted if it operates on poor pest management policy. Even more challenging for a top restaurant or commercial kitchen is its complex environment, requiring a range of well thought out management strategy and tactics.

Below are a few tips you can use to keep your kitchen pest free.You can print the tips and stick on your board as a kitchen hygiene policy.



1.Equipment Cleaning:Remove grease build up

2. Housekeeping:Remove waste, clean up spillage and trash immediately, keep garbage area clean, lids tight, wipe sink dry at the end of each day

3. Good storage practices: FIFO- first in, first out, store goods off the floor,discard damaged goods, remove products from cardboard whenever possible. Also inspect good received,especially tubers, onions and cartoned goods.

4. Routine, sweeping & mopping:Thoroughly sweep and mop corners to remove pest pheromones

5. Drain Cleaning:Flushing out sinks & floor drains periodically,removing food scraps from floor drains will prevent roach activity, floor drains are harborage and breeding areas for roaches and flies

6.Clean and dry mops and mop buckets promptly after use.

7. Reduce harborage: Keep lockers, desks, closets and storerooms clutter free

8. Structural repairs:Report structural damage, tiles missing, leaking water, gaps beneath entrance doors, cracks and holes to the facility manager

9. Follow HACCP/GMP procedures

10. Contract a Pest Management company to monitor, treat and inspect facility regularly