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The distribution of cockroaches throughout the world was made possible by their ability to infest the various means of intra- and intercontinental transport, particularly ships. Originally, and probably to this day, their principal means of transportation between continents has been by ships. (Movie fans and readers of classics may be interested in the fact that in 1792, the much-maligned Captain Bligh combated cockroaches on HMS Bounty with boiling water.) However, transport of cockroaches in the baggage compartments and galley of aircraft/ships has been abundantly documented. For many years, the principal species infesting ships was the American cockroach, but in more recent times the German cockroach has become the dominant ship-infesting species.

From experience these species are readily carried about in and on such items as sacks, cartons, or packages (particularly corrugated cartons) of food, in laundry, or in kitchen appliances and furniture. Beverage cartons,vegetable supplies are particularly important means of distributing cockroaches to marine vessels and aircraft.

Routine inspection of goods delivered on board for pest will help control pest introduction.

Regular pest control exercise must be carried out per schedule(Every Quarter).

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