Curbing Absenteeism through Good Hand Hygiene Policy


hand wash

Most corporate bodies are very keen to maintain a clean environment for their staff. An environment that adheres to international health and safety regulations. Too often workplaces do not meet these standards resulting in employee illness and absenteeism. Germs are spread very easily so it is imperative to keep them at bay constantly. To prevent this from happening here are a few tips to help keep your employees health in check.

Wash hands

It may sound like common knowledge but washing your hands after visiting the bathroom can help reduce the spread of germs substantially. Research has revealed that 30% of men and 20% of women never wash their hands after visiting the bathroom. You should reinforce signs around the office and in bathrooms to ask colleagues to wash their hands. Remember they touch the office door, the office telephone , lift buttons, the water tap and these are spots are notorious for germ collection.

Weekly Clean/Disinfestation

Introduce a weekly deep clean and dis-infestation program. Spray and disinfest working areas and surfaces, weekly deep cleaning of the office kitchen. Prevention is the best cure as business suffers when staff are ill and have to take days off work.

Sanitizer Solutions

Many offices offer sanitizing products to their employees for them to use at their own discretion. Installing a few hand sanitizer dispensing pumps around the office or giving each member of staff a small bottle of sanitizer could reduce germs rapidly. As hand sanitizer does not need to be used with water it is an easy solution that staff can use at their desk when they choose, such as after eating, sneezing or scenarios that may cause spread of germs.


German researchers say that hand disinfection could be a viable way for individuals to remain healthy in the workplace. The researchers report that hand disinfection reduced the number of episodes of illness for the majority of the registered
symptoms, including the common cold, fever and coughing.