Mosquitoes-Every Bite Counts

                   Every Bite Count

After the rains, mosquito populations can increase dramatically, and the diseases they carry can be a danger to humans, especially malaria.

The Anopheles mosquito common to  Nigeria are Container or stagnant-water breeders  and often lay their eggs in cans, children’s toys, potted plants, tires or any other container that holds water  for more than 3 days.Therefore, breeding increases dramatically in the rainy season when water collects in these places.
It is very important to destroy these water collections or to keep them properly covered to prevent breeding.

                             The  4 D’s of Mosquito Control

1.Defend: Use Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus as mosquito repellents during late outdoor events and/or when susceptible to mosquito bites.
2. Dis-Insect Home and outdoors Regularly: Call your Pest Control professionals to advise on regular insecticide spraying indoors and outdoors periodically. Download our Annual Pest shield Plan.
3. Dress: Wear light-colored, long-sleeved, loose-fitting shirts and pants.
4. Drain: Empty or cover all containers that can hold water for more than 3 days. Continuous inspection during the rainy season for mosquito breeding spots is very critical.