Roach Terminator


₦3,500.00 ₦3,000.00

How to apply:

Apply in 0.03g spots(bean size)per square m

hly palatable bait formulation.

Effective against German, Oriental and other species.

Unbeatable Speed of Action:Cockroaches will often feed hours of application and die after a few hours.

Cascade Effect:Due to its high activity, fipronil can be consumed by foraging individuals and transimitted widely throughout colonies.The fipronil is transferred from one cockroach to the next as cockroaches in the habourage will readily eat dead individuals or feaces of individuals that have eaten the gel.

eter of surface to be treated.

Apply in most common areas where roaches are seen(under sink, behind cabinets,under major appliances,counter tops,holes, cracks etc)

Safety: safe to use in homes, kitchens, hotels and senstive environment.It has no smell.Keep away from children and direct contact with food etc.

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Product Description

The Cockroach gel bait is a ready-to-use formulation intended for use as a spot, crack and crevice treatment for indoor and outdoor control of cockroaches in residential, commercial and industrial premises. The bait has been combined with fipronil(a superior active ingredient) mixed with a high palatable bait formulation.